Jade Mountain Trek 4 Days | Program for General Hikers


About the Jade Mountain

The track up to Jade Mountain Main Summit, at the elevation of 3952m, is considered as a once-in-a-lifetime hike. The last detrital trail before the Summit is both naked and challenging.
The height of nearly 4 thousand meters above sea level and the thin air make even summit-hungry climbers hesitate on every step. Two-night accommodation arrangement at PaiYun Cabin aids the quality and the ease of the climb to the highest Summit in East Asia for all participants.

Our Program


Taipei Main Station– WanShan Tribal Homestay

Trekking time: 4 hrs
After 4 hours of car ride from the TaoYuan International Airport, it takes us to the homestay located in SinYi County, NanTou. Run by an aboriginal host, the guesthouse we are staying is of traditional style and with eye-blowing colorful style. Dinner is in the style of special flavored ethnic cuisine and prepared by the homestay host. It may look simple at first glance. It certainly will impress you after a taste.
After dinner, our tour guide will conduct an overhauling through the gears and a brief orientation. Even the first-time climber in Taiwan can be sure to receive immaculate care to ensure their safety.
We will rest early tonight as the next day we will proceed to the PaiYun Cabin at 3400m high.
WanShan – TaTaka ascending point(2600M) – observation spot at the foot the West Summit –PaiYun Cabin(3400M)

Trekking time: 7 hrs
At 6 am, we will finish our healthy breakfast at the homestay and depart at 7 for TaTaKa ascending point.
We should be arriving at the TaTaKa ascending point at around 8:30 am; then after checking and inspection at the checkpoint, we will initiate our hiking trip today.
The elevation of TaTaKa ascending point is 2600m. After a whole day is given to adapt to the altitude the day before, we are reaching the PaiYun Cabin at 3400m today.
The distance from TaTaKa ascending point to PaiYun Cabin is 8.5k, for around 7HR trekking. The trail is gently upward and well maintained. It’s not tiring to walk. By noon the track should take us to the Observation Deck at the foot of West Summit, at 5k. The deck is a wooden gazebo, a midway rest point for most climbers, where important information is transported.
After one-hour lunch reset, we continue even steeper upward track. This section of the climb is only 3.5k in length, however, it’s quite demanding in terms of strength for climbers. At around 4 pm, the three-story PaiYun Cabin will be in sight at the end of a long stairway. The cabin is located at 3400m in elevation. Once arrive, climbers should be mindful for any symptom of mountain sickens. Try to take in as much liquid as possible and avoid drastic movement, like running and jumping.
A simple dinner is provided by the Cottage and we recommend to go to bed at 8 pm, preparing for tomorrow’s task of reaching the Jade Mountain Main Summit.
PaiYun Cabin(3400M) – Main North fork – Jade Mountain Main Summit(3952M) –PaiYung Cabin

Trekking time: 7 hrs
We depart for Jade Mountain Main Summit at around 3~4 am. Since the sun hasn’t risen at the time, we will walk with our headlight. We will lead our teammates to climb carefully uphill, through the detrital trail, especially the last 200m segment before the Summit. By dawn, we should have reached the Jade Mountain Main Summit. The Summit registers 3952m in elevation. It has a splendid 360-degree view around. If we are blessed, a dreamed sea of the cloud may appear in front of you.
After some photo-shooting at the Summit, we will continue to Jade Mountain North Summit. On top of the North Summit, there’s the highest weather workstation in Taiwan where permanent weathermen are stationed. Overlooking at the Main Summit of Jade Mountain from the North Summit is the most desirable scene for photography enthusiasts, especially in the month of August with French chrysanthemum in the background. Wonderful photos are waiting for you to take. After the North Summit, we stroll back to PaiYung Cabin and restore our strength with a cup of afternoon tea engaging in conversation with other fellow climbers.
PaiYun Cabin – Jade Mountain West Summit(3158M) – TaTaKa ascending point –TungPu hot spring accommodation- Taipei Main Station
As usual, we will take off at dawn to another listed top-hundred summit: Jade Mountain West Summit. The trail to West Summit is flatter and more accessible by comparison with the one of Main Summit. Climbers find it easy to cope.
Jade Mountain West Summit, elevation of 3518m, has a Japanese shrine on top that was set up during the Japanese colonization. It’s also the few well-preserved ruins of high mountain shrine. The shrine located under the hemlock forest is secluded and unique. Having walked here, the journey is reaching its end. After bidding farewell to the mountain temple, we will return to PaiYun Cabin.
We are estimated to arrive at the cabin by 10 am to pack or rest. Then, we will begin to descend toward Tanaka ascending point and end our four-day mountain climb.
Tonight we will take our teammates to the well-known hot spring, TungPu Hot Spring in Nantou. After the four-day hike, dipping in a hot spring bath is definitely a pleasure.
We will take you back to Taipei by van.

Total Fee:690/SGD (per person)

Deposit: 69/SGD

*The deposit must be paid after you sign in within 7 days.
*The deposit is NOT refundable, after confirming the successful application
*The deposit can not be replaced by the other, there will be a loss of administrative costs.

Cost Included

1. Airport pick up and drop service (Van: Volkswagen T5/T6 or above car)
2. All surface transfers as 4days trip
3. Three-nights accommodation
4. Provide breakfast & dinner for three-days
5. English speaking mountain guide in your itinerary.
6. Professional mountaineering photographer.
7. Entrance tickets required for the trip
8. Taiwan mountaineering insurance (Does not include helicopter rescue)
9. Taiwan Travel Agency Liability Insurance

Cost Excluded

1. D2~D4 lunch in the mountain
2. All cold drink any beverage are not included in your trip price.
3. Any other expenses which are not mentioned on price include a section

Tour Date

Any date on September
*Registration before 1 Aug 2019*

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